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Ich durfte eine Woche Retreat mit Nancy genießen, welches  sehr intensive, transformierende und sogleich auch sehr entspannende war.

Natürlich war es ein absolutes Glück, Nancy nur für mich zu haben, und alle Sessions face to face mit ihr geniessen zu dürfen. Nancy warst nicht nur mein Yoga Teacher sondern auch mein Koch, Tourguide und vor allem auch eine wundervolle Freundin, die einen Platz in meinem Herzen geniesst.

Nancy’s Frühstück war sehr nahrhaft und absolut köstlich. Die Karten auf meinem Bett, die sie selber

entworfen hast, hängen nun in meinem Wohnzimmer und bringen ihre tolle Energie in mein Leben.

Wakeboarding war unglaublich spannend und lustig, wandern wunderschön jedoch anstrengend… am ende des Tages bin ich immer glücklich ins Bett gefallen. Was will man mehr.

Das Retreat resort  war unglaublich schön und Frank der Besitzer ebenso liebevoll und zuvorkommend.

Es war vollkommen und ich vom Herzen ein Retreat mit Nancy weiterempfehlen. Ich komme auf jeden Fall wieder.

Guido Hess

Thank you for the Retreat program and the arrangement for such short notice.

I really enjoy the motor ride around this beautiful island. A lot of “First time” experience happen in this retreat like wearing bikini, ride the boat taxi, and try the wake boarding.

The first 2 days is really relaxing with Yoga, warm & lovely breakfast, massage and singing.

The 3rd day when you brought me to do the trekking, was really tough. I am very glad I made it at the end. In this few hours journey, it remind me to Trust myself and make my own decision. Another take away is be mindful for every steps that I take. We tend to slip down in the road which is so smooth. because I think it is human nature to “relax a bit” once you pass the obstacle and finally saw the smooth road ahead. Also, want to thanks Lily for taking care of me during the trekking.

this retreat also boost my confident and I know now I am accepting and loving myself more. I never wear bikini before, never thought of wearing it one day. becos previously not have confident mentally and physically. ;p but this retreat teach me to accept and love myself, therefore i just give it a try and I really feel good about it. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Hope to back Koh Phangan to explore more about this loving island.

Christiana Tan

I first met Nancy at a conference in Singapore late 2016. Recently we met again at another business conference in Vietnam. This time I took couple Yoga sessions with Nancy, it was amazing.

I never understood Yoga before, I thought (just like anybody else) I had to be flexible, and Yoga was about training your body to be flexible.

After practiced with Nancy, I now understand it is about connecting our body, our mind with the universe. Nancy taught me how to breathe, how to empty my mind to release all of the tension and stress that I have.

Nancy is so passionate about Yoga and about helping people to receive the benefit that Yoga can bring. I can’t thank Nancy enough for the lessons she taught me. I highly recommend Nancy to anyone who wants to discover the secret of Yoga because Nancy can surely show you the way.


Your Sincerely,

Kevin Phan

Director of Nexus Real Estate, Melbourne Australia

“Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget what is really important in our lives. Meeting Nancy was a reminder that there are wonderful healers who can make a difference and assist in bringing us back to what really matters.

Nancy is a beautiful, caring, compassionate and understanding person who provides a safe, warm environment to allow the healing process to take place.

The benefits are ongoing and I’m definitely feeling much lighter emotionally and more grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. I’ve decided that gratitude is definitely the best attitude and I know that great things will follow.”

Liz Rodgers

Nancy Huettig is a beautiful woman and a wonderful yoga teacher. I was an absolute beginner in what it means to enter the “yoga world”. Before i came to Nancy i was a man who was living in the past with dreams in a perfect future. Unable to thinking positive, couldn’t relax, and in a bad body condition. Nancy with her long years experience in yoga, consulting, reiki and life coaching made it in short time that i feel much better. I start to think positive, i can more and more relaxing and through the exercises on the yoga mat get my body unbelievable flexible. She teach me also how important it is to avoid wrong food, drinks and to live in the here and now. And this all happens after a few weeks working together. Nancy lives what she teach from deepest conviction and that is the reason i believe her and that makes it easy for me to learn my lessons. I m very happy and thankful that we had found us and i always can’t wait for the next lesson. By the way, she teaches in german and english.

Matthias Wind

I had my first reiki session ever with Nancy, and going into it, I was open but honestly unsure of whether I would connect with the practice. Coming off a long emotional day, I came into the session and felt immediately supported and grounded in Nancy’s beautiful space. She puts a lot of thoughtful care into the vibes of the physical experience, from the gentle music and lighting to the smells of palo santo and essential oils. She gives a really welcoming and nourishing introduction and encourages you to set an intention going into the session. After just an hour and a half, I felt extremely relaxed physically and emotionally. Whatever vulnerability and sensitivity I was feeling beforehand disappeared by the end of the session. Not to mention, the sounds of the jungle around her house gave this experience an otherworldly dimension. Would highly recommend a treatment with Nancy!

Tiffany Wen




Namaste, an alle lieben Menschen die das lesen, ein Monat auf Koh Phangan verging wie im Flug und wir Veli&Tina sind wieder viel gewachsen, es fühlt sich so gut an, wir durften jeden 2 Tag Yoga mit unserer lieben Nancy praktizieren. Anfangs gab es noch so einige Herausforderungen doch Nancy erklärte uns nicht nur einmal das alles so sein darf, das wir nur so weit gehen sollen wie es sich für uns gut anfühlt, sie meinte wir lernen mit Yoga den Körper zu spüren, unsere Bedürfnisse wahrzunehmen und Grenzen nicht zu überschreiten sondern sie zu akzeptieren. Atemtechniken baute sie ein die uns anfangs anstrengten aber im Laufe unseres Yoga Monats pendelte sich das immer besser ein. In unseren Privatstunden ging Nancy noch intensiver auf unsere Bedütfnisse ein, es gab keinen Ablauf der abgehackt werden musste, wichtig war ihr das wir uns wohlfühlen und für uns war das ein Geschenk, wir freuten uns immer auf den “Nancy Yoga Tag”;-). Mit ihrer sanften Stimme führte sie uns vor und nach dem 90min. Yoga in die Meditation motivierende, liebevolle,dankende,kraftvolle Worte kamen aus ihrem Mund, wir hören es immer noch ….”SEI DANKBAR FÜR……” :), es fühlt sich so schön an sich selber Danke zu sagen und natürlich dankbar sein für vieles andere. Oftmals verlängerte Nancy auf 2Std. uns fiel es erst immer zum Schluss auf, das war ein gutes Zeichen …..wenn man SEIN darf hat man Freude, da spielt die Zeit keine Rolle mehr.

Wir zwei Veli&Tina möchten uns von ganzem Herzen bei dir bedanken für die schöne Zeit.

Veli & Tina