Meet Your Healers

Rafael Sontaya Ihlefeldt – Osteopathy in Resonance

Rafael lives and was born in Berlin and is father of two kids. His mother comes from Thailand (Khorat) with Indian roots as well, his father is German. He studied Physiotherapy, Thai-Yoga-Massage, Naturopathy, Kinesiology and Osteopathy.

For as long as he can remember he has always been fascinated by the potential of the human body. He loved to feel his body being in the moment, especially with skateboarding and other sports he did until all of a sudden a neurologic disease that had already shown in his ancestral blood line before seemed to totally kick him out of life. It took some years to realize that actually that turning point would lead him back on track to align his soul with his body and psyche step by step. He also realized that physically he was overcompensating what he was lacking on other levels so that the compensation had to break down to make it more obvious for him. Going through tough and deep processes to heal himself he parallely developped his own body work art to adress not only physical ailments but also emotional pain and energetic blockages caused by personal, transgenerational and collective trauma.

He created an individual intuitive approach of combining Osteopathy (as a tactile tool) with empathic resonance work and energetic surgery which he calls „Osteopathy in Resonance“. This way locked emotions and programs inside the nervous (cranio-sacral), visceral, parietal and fascial system can be brought to the surface and be transformed,  locked emotions in between the walls of our body we have very smartly built to protect ourselves but hold us in repeating patterns of experiences and habits.

During a single-session your energy guides and tells him what is necessary right now and at the same time bearable for your body and/or your individual process. With osteopathic and energetic techniques he goes into deep resonance with you to feel the attachments inside the tissues of your body. He will be directly guided along your patterns to where attention, observation and love is needed for transformation and relaxation. Everything is allowed to come to the surface if the moment is right for it and can be embraced and integrated in the simplicity of witnessing and perception. This way you get a gentle taste of how to gain back full responsibility for your own healing, peace and freedom.

His main intention for his work is to help people create a frequency of balance and peace they will automatically bring into our beautiful outer world.

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Ocean flow (Watsu), Shiatsu, Matric 2 point Massage & Quantum healing with Sandra Chormann

My name is Sandra Chormann, energetic bodyworker on land and in water. I am working in the field of healing almost 20 years. I am teaching yoga, massage and shiatsu. Giving retreats in Thailand and all over the world – my intension is to show the people to come more in self reflection and self love, learning to trust and to discover more and more the joy of getting touched. Our body is our temple and to understand that every cell of this system is connected with experiences and thoughts and that we need loving touch to feel good and honour our self-being is important.

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Energy Massage with Matthias Schmidt

My energy massage focuses stimulating and energizing the subtle body. By freeing your thoughts and through flowing movement of the body, you can find inner peace and summon hidden strength. Balancing the energy flow of your chakras and equalizing yin and yang imparts a feeling of lightness that accompanies you throughout your everyday life.

About Matthias

I am originally from Munich. In early 2016, I quit my job at BMW after 15 years to fulfill my true calling. Here in Berlin I’ve been seminar leader for an educational initiative and worked for three international start-ups. Incidentally, I have set up my own business, for which I have now completely decided.

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Embodiment Healing Session with Nikki

Each one of these sessions are tailored to your individual needs and intentions based on your private consultation. You will be guided and supported as you dive deep into the presence of your own body. A combination of Reiki Energy Healing, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage, Integrative Karsai Nei Tsang and Pelvic Floor Massage (women only, upon request), Intuitive Chaneling and Healing Techniques and breath work will move you through a process of self discovery, peeling back the layers one at a time.

Together we use tools in the moment to incorporate your spiritual body of knowledge with your physical body to teach you how to integrate your healing work during the session into your daily life. A period of integration is one of the most important parts of your healing journey and provides you with the ability to make your self discoveries an integral part of you.

Discover your personal process for identifying emotions, allowing them to rise to the surface, observing and feeling them in your body, releasing what no longer serves you, cleansing your body and spirit and refueling yourself with love.

This is a deep healing session meant to awaken the parts of you that lay dormant and to show you how to be present in your body. This process is beneficial to activate your body’s innate ability to heal and is a wonderful compliment to any other type of healing session, daily practice or in conjunction with modern Western medicine.”

About Nikki

Nikki is from the US and has been traveling in SEA since January of 2017. She is on a journey back to the truth of who she is and the gifts she is meant to share. Nikki is a 200 hr CYT, Reiki Master, Chi Nei Tsang Level I practitioner, Embodiment Coach and Integrative Karsai Nei Tsang and Pelvic Floor Massage Practitioner, specializing in supporting those who are transitioning through life in a similar way that she did. She believes that we may be teachers or practitioners but we are still always students and there is always more to learn. She approaches each facet of her life with love, empathy and presence and therefore extends these to her students, clients and all the people she interacts with. It is important to her to meet each person exactly where they are on their journey.

ReBalancing Bodywork Therapy & Immersion into Sensuality with Marc Rower

ReBalancing Bodywork Therapy

Re-Balancing Bodywork is a body-oriented form of therapy that takes you out of the mind and brings you back into the aliveness of the body. It supports you to be more present and clear in the moment. Once the senses are opened and muscular tension and maybe physical pain is released, life energy can flow freely through the entire being and we feel vibrant and connected again.

Amongst others, Re-Balancing Bodywork uses

deep tissue
joint release techniques
assisted yoga stretches
to bring the body back to a natural alignment.

After a 90 minute session you will have a deeper connection to your body and feel your energy flow much more alive and positive.

Immersion into Sensuality

Touching the Divine through the Joy of the Senses

This sensual bodywork session touches the body, emotions and the soul in order to make you feel whole and connected to the Divine. This reunification frees us from feelings of guilt or shame that cut us off from our creative life force energy. The Immersion into Sensuality is a deeply sensual, tender and spiritual experience at the same time and very resourcing since it is practised while being centered and connected to the Higher Self. It’s a soft and tender full body treatment that can include all parts of the body.

An individual session will take between 90 min. and 2 hours. The practice is custom-tailored to the specific situation of the female client. It can also include de-armouring and trauma release techniques.


Holding a German healing practitioner license for psychotherapy, Marc is a certified therapist of BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release®. He also facilitates active as well as tantra meditations, gives therapeutic bodywork and tantric massages and holds shamanic healing ceremonies.

In all aspects of his work, Marc manages to create and hold sacred space in which you can feel safe to go deep into yourself, release whatever is needed to touch the light of your innermost essence, the Divine inside.

Marc lives and works mainly in Goa, India, and other parts of South Asia and Europe.

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Universal Healing with Shirin Ourmutchi


to connect with your Soul and Higher Self in order see who you truly are.

to live your spirituality fully in every moment of your beautiful life.

to walk with me as your guiding angel towards the light .


I am here to support and guide you in this process as an energetic and spiritual healer, mindfulness-coach, holistic yoga teacher, and artist. My healing work is a personal healing art that evolved over many years. It is a combination of healing meditations, healing hands, rituals, prayers, chanting, dance, and yoga. Through energetic soul guidance I will help you to connect with your source, your intuition, creativity, and higher consciousness. 

Every session will open your heart, activate your soul power, and clear your mind. Old energies will be transformed and negative patterns released.

The lightful powers of heaven and earth guide my work. I function as a medium between the worlds, a channel for cosmic healing energy and the elemental soul of mother earth. These are energies of healing love and wisdom that transform, open up new spaces, and heal. They are connected to your inner truth and create space for your purpose in life. They will heal your karma and open you for higher wisdom. They will give you the power to reorder your life, reposition yourself and to realise your own worth and free yourself. This is where your soul is at home.

Soul Light Being is the way of the awakened humans who are highly intuitive and connected to the divine in order to serve mother earth and all humans.

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LIGHT CRYSTAL HEALING (Chakra & Aura liberation) with Zarah Kumara

Zarah is a psychotherapist, sound healer, kundalini yoga teacher and LIGHT priestess working with LIGHT crystals to support the ascension process on earth and in humans and starseeds. She works with the support of the Archangels and ascended masters to free energy blockages in the chakras, the physical body and the Light bodies and Aura. Entities, Energies and contracts that are not serving the highest light are being guided out of the body, released and cleared. Litios Light Crystals are highly energized Light Tools that have been infused in a sacred way by Archangel Metatron, Ascended Masters and Crystal Angels, creating a direct channel to higher dimensions.

Attributes of the Light Crystals: Light Crystals coexist in harmony with other objects: crystals, gemstones, pendants, energetic products, etc. They can help to balance your aura, raise your vibration and give you more energy. They activate your higher light consciousness and your true light path.

These crystal and ascension energies are a great gift of Lightlord Metatron and the Ascended Masters for this Now Age. They guide, accompany and assist you in the ascension process.

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HUMAN DESIGN with Shanti Reema

HUMAN DESIGN SYSTEM: is a science of self-discovery. It is a logical system that combines the wisdom of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the chakra system and quantum physics. From your personal Human Design chart you can gain a great deal of insight into your own unique nature: your health, your psychology, your vulnerabilities and limitations as well as your talents, strengths, and gifts. It has a practical application that you can experience in every moment; and this carries a huge potential for improvement and fulfillment in the life of each individual.

About Shanti

What I love about my work and is helping people to recognize and experience the beauty and perfection of our being.

I travel all around the world looking for high standard quality of life and new good ideas.

I am always been a pioneer, (10 years in Osho Mistery School and I have been from the first day in Pacha Mama community in Costa  Rica).  I am a natural healer and I have talent to improve situation and go for collective and individual progress. My interest now, after 16 years, is going towards experiment with the information of a very practical way where people can recognize and absorb mind information at the body level.  This mean recognizes the point in us where is hidden our unique truth and to have the courage to face the fear of the conditioning. Everyone is unique but everybody require jumping from set mind to trust. That mean we have the choice to let go and follow the body awareness into the unknown.

In few words life is a mystery to be lived.

And all we need is the correct soil for us to grow well and bloom.

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Crystal Balancing with Sinje Lehmanm

Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system. The effect of balanced chakras often translates into an increase of well being, relaxation, centeredness, vitality and embodiment of oneself. Energy healing can help realign, unblock and balance your chakras. In a chakra balancing session we use a combination of energy healing, chakra symbols, crystals and music.

About Sinje:

Sinje is a Reiki & Crystal Healing practitioner and a feminine embodiment facilitator. After leaving everything in Germany behind and going on her own soul journey, she is offering workshops and sessions in order to support, encourage and inspire others on their own journey.

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Talking, listing and guidance from the heart consultation with Swami Pujan

Talking, listening and guidance from the heart  consultation with Swami Pujan

 Pujan will dismantle the idea that we have about yourself and will give insights into Advaita a Vedanta, a branch of Jnana Yoga. Pujan works as a Psychologist and spiritual guide for many years and just published his first book : Advaita Vedanta for Ordinary people. The talk will be engaging and sometimes entertaining. JUst come with an open mind.

 About Swami Pujan:

Stephan Kahlert ( Swami Pujan) worked as a Psychologist , Therapist and spiritual guide for over 30 years. He was a co founder of Byron Yoga center Australia and the Trans personal Psychology center Blue Mountains. He worked as a Business Consultant and Mentor and now dedicates his life in spreading the knowledge and Joy of our non dual nature.

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YourTrueColors with Sophia Surya Chalkidou

Colors speak directly to our Soul.

Colors carry a vibration which is either compatible with us or not.

My passion has always been helping people connect to their Truth, Divine essence and personal power; be it through yoga, movement, dance, holistic treatments. YourTrueColors is the most direct and practical way I have found of tapping into your true potential.

Most of the people are not connected to the colors of their Radiance- in fact, they avoid them as hell. We have collectively much fear towards our own strength, our own magnificence. Connecting to the colors of your Soul, and integrating those colors in your life can take you deeper into your Essence, your life’s purpose. Your true colors can support you to express your authenticity, your beauty, become more visible, present and grounded.

During an individual Color journey, which lasts about 3 hours (or a shorter one of 1.5 hours) you get to experience different colors with closed eyes and in continuation look into the mirror, to observe what each color does to your face, without seeing the color.

During your individual journey we get to explore which colors can support you in different life situations, giving you access to a more authentic state of being, one which inspires trust and personal integrity.

A deeply transformative experience and deep initiation in a cellular level.

I feel great joy and honor to accompany you to your individual journey.

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This work is a holistic offering developed over many years of practice, trial and error, and daily living by Amber. In these sessions, Amber works 1:1 with individuals to empower them with an understanding of their elemental constitution (with relation to the five elements and elemental organ energy) and how to reshape their lifestyle with holistic tools to bring balance (using meditation, yoga, breathwork, nutrition, daily rhythms, Ayurveda). While Amber does not work specifically with medical pathologies, she can start to look at underlying imbalances that may be contributing to specific conditions. This approach is highly integrative in that it combines the many years of experience, practices and wisdom into a holistic healing modality.

Initial Intuitive Elemental Guidance Consult (2 hours): In this session, we will explore and investigate your current elemental constitution as it is demonstrated through imbalances, pathology, tendencies and life patterns. We will develop a protocol for reshaping, fine tuning and re-aligning the constitution as a means to experience wholeness and vibrancy. The session uses meditation, observation, active listening, questionnaires, pulse reading and intuition as tools to understand the map towards alignment. You will also receive a multi-page report with your constitutional analysis.

Healing Massage by Pablo

Healing Massage by Pablo is a powerful combination of Trigger Points, Long deep strokes with Oil and PNF stretches.

 About Pablo Gascon:

Pablo Gascon has been practicing his massage for the past 7 years, studied Diploma in Remedial massage as well as Lomi Lomi massage in Australia.

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