Welcome To Wholistic Island Retreats

Living whole & complete


is to take you out of your every day life routine,

create new experiences, new ideas, new flow and return you back to nature.

Living whole and complete means health, balance and well-being.

During our retreats, we cultivate love, compassion, awareness, joy and Metta (loving-kindness).

From my heart to yours, I invite you on a wholistic journey with us.



WHOLISTIC ISLAND RETREATS offers several retreats over the year. We collaborate with amazing people who want to share their gifts and inspire others – healers, coaches, fitness trainers, nutritionists to name a few.

If you need time out just for yourself, we can tailor make a retreat for your personal needs and aspirations. Come alone, with your friend or partner. This intimate retreat will not be for than two people. We are also here to help you organize a gateway for your corporate group, sales team, reuinon group, or simply a group of friends looking for a one-of-a-kind experience. We will design an unforgettable retreat for YOU.



Our program has been developed to include daily yoga, meditation, breathwork, ayurveda, nature connection, thai culture, wholistic living workshops, and life coaching sessions to deepen your relationship with yourself. We will take you out of your every day routine and introduce you to a new way of wholistic living. Understanding your natural tendencies and patterns will allow our guides to help you break old habits and resistance, find purpose, believe in yourself and provide the tools for a healthy and fulfilled life.

Each Wholistic Island Retreat may differ, so visit each trip’s unique details page to learn more.

Hi, I’m Nancy

Founder and Creator of Wholistic Island Retreats, Wholistic Coach, Yoga Instructor Reiki Master, Ayurvedic Practioner and an unshakable smiley optimist.


                                             „ Things happen for ME not to ME“


My story begins in Hamburg, Germany where I began my career in the corporate business world. After years of overwhelming stress and unhappiness, I eventually hit my breaking point (sound familiar?) and surrendered to the ever-growing call to travel the world.

In taking this first step out of my comfort zone, I began the Trip of My Life, which brought me across all parts of Southeast Asia, Australia, India and two years later, back to the island I now call home, Koh Phangan in Thailand. Yes, it was my Eat, Pray, Love Moment; and I embraced it.

Within all stories of deep transformation lie significant moments of clarity.

In the last two years, I’ve designed the simple yet abundant life I always wanted to live, rooted first and foremost in Nature. She continues to gift me time and time again with her boundless grounding and healing potential. Based out of my sacred home in the majestic mountains of Chaloklum, I wake up with my dog Lily each and every morning to the sounds of jungle and vibrant smells of fresh fruit around me. My mornings are spent on my yoga mat offering affirmations of gratitude and intentions for whatever present moment brings.

My intention with Wholistic Island Retreats is a deep desire to share with You a way of living in balance, whole and complete, therefore you can live the life you always wanted to live.

Every day is a new day,
Every breath is new,
Every thought is new,
Every step is new.
Be present, Be now and enjoy your Life.
YOU deserve it!